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FREE shipping on all orders over £10 (does not apply to areas outside of the UK).

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Saw Chains, specialising in new saw chains for every chainsaw. We also have a chain sharpening service for just £7.80 for any size chain, and this price includes returning the chain to you.

We will expertly assess, inspect and sharpen your chain, including checking the depth gauges, and then return the chain to you.

We can supply chains for any chainsaw, and all the files and accessories you need to keep your chain sharp and in tip top condition. You can only use any saw properly if you have a sharp chain on it.

Click here to find your chainsaw and a chain to fit it.

We only stock premium grade Oregon, Husqvarna or equivalent chain. We don't stock cheap unknown inferior chain, which can stretch, break and not hold it's edge. Oregon are the brand leaders and manufacture for many top class saw producers.

We also have a very popular chain sharpening service. You should use our sharpening service when your chain is either totally blunt, or not cutting as it should, or you've hit something and damaged it, or even if you just can't be bothered with the hassle of sharpening it yourself. Click here for full details.

In stock now, the new Oregon PowerSharp system for keeping your chain sharp. Click on the link on the left menu for full details and prices, and videos of how it works.
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We stock every chain for every saw. If you don't see your chain listed here, just email or ring us with details of your chainsaw and length of chain you are looking for and we will let you have details and a price.

We only stock premium grade Oregon chain. We don't stock cheap unknown rubbish chain, which can stretch, break and not hold it's edge. This is the voice of experience talking.

Oregon are the brand leaders and manufacture for many top class saw producers.

Choosing the correct chain for your saw isn't as easy as you might think. There are an infinite number of permutations with pitch, gauge, drive link count, cutter type (such as micro chisel, low profile, super 20 chisel, microlite, superguard, super 70 chisel, s-70 semi chisel, microbit, chipper, ripping, multicut) etc. How's that for confusing !!!

We are very familiar with all of these variations, just let me know what you use your saw for and I can recommend the best combination for you.

We have listed the most popular saws and the chains that match, but if you can't find your chain on the site, please email or ring us. We can help !!! If we tried to list every saw and chain combination you would be reading through the pages til next Christmas. Far easier to ask us and we will advise on which chain you need.

Although there are an ever increasing variety of supermarket saws being sold, there are very few references relating to which type of chain they use, but over the years we have built up our own database for the majority of these (supermarket) saws.

Chainsaws, brushcutters, hedgetrimmers, strimmers etc.

Thinking about buying a new chainsaw etc? Visit our sister website at to see the full range of machines as well as advice and a full range of accessories and clothing.