Depth gauge information

There is one more thing you need to be aware of regarding the performance of your chain. These are the depth gauges. These are the small pieces of metal that stand up in front of the cutting edge (they are part of the cutter). Looking at the cutter from the side, the height of the depth gauge should be about 0.6mm below the height of the cutter.

The depth gauge governs how much wood is allowed onto the cutter. As the cutter is filed back, the height between the depth gauge and cutter is reduced. Less wood will be cut and the saw will overspeed.

The depth gauges need to be filed down to the correct height (approx. 0.6mm). Depth gauge files and guides are available You must not attempt to file these without a guide (take too much off and the chain will be ruined).

If your depth gauges are filed too low your saw will snatch and stall. Every time a chain is professionally sharpened the depth gauges should be checked and ground