Information about chains and why they should be kept sharp

Why a sharp chain is so important.

Chainsaws are high performance, precision wood cutting machines. When you consider the power output of these machines, and the volume of timber they can cut, it's my opinion that no other type of saw comes close to the performance of a chainsaw.

Other power tools can be 'just sharp' - 'a little bit under powered' - 'if you force them they're up to the job'. There's no compromise with chainsaws. The motor must be running at full power and speed. The saw chain must be 'pin' sharp and filed at the correct angles at all times.

A chain is either 'right or rubbish' - there is no in-between.

Measuring your chain

What is a drive link

What is a drive link

The only accurate way to measure the length of a chainsaw chain is to count how many drive links there are in the chain.